I need a painter.

We hear this all the time. But what we would rather hear is “i need a qualified painter”. Unfortunately our painting industry is badly regulated with results that indicate the lack of scrutiny as shown by other trades. Sadly this effect gives the painting industry on a whole a bad reputation.Our answer to this has always been to try and produce a standard that we are proud of and to teach our staff from the first day on the job what standards we expect. In our own very small way we hope to raise the standard of the industry .

There are things the client can do to also help raise the standard of the painting sector. One simple way is to ask for some qualifications. Now I’m not expecting painters to carry around their apprenticeship papers, but its not too much to ask for a qualified painter to be a member of the Master painters association. This is a simple matter of carrying your card around and presenting it to the prospective client. It will give the client some assurance and also help the tradesmen feel that he is pricing against similar qualified people.


Ivanhoe Residential Property

Ivanhoe Residential Property

In order to be a member of the Mater painters you need qualifications, so there is the guarantee for the client as well.

This really should happen across the board, it does not really matter if you are looking for a painter in Tooorak or Dandenong, the same rules should apply.

In the meantime we will try to do out best on every painting project.

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